WEN 56206 Electric Log Splitter Review

WEN 56206 Electric Log Splitter

When you talk about electric log splitters, you need to something that can be used both inside your house and outside of it, without having to worry about any type of pollution being made inside or outside.

This is exactly why electric log splitters have become so utterly popular. You can use topnotch product to split wood with simplicity and ease of use. Plus, electric splitters come with a variety of features and functionalities.

Single Wen Lumberjack Electric Log Splitter

Moreover, the capability to use a machine inside a house for splitting large pieces of wood for people who live in particularly colder regions in the US, for example, Alaska is something a gas log splitter can never provide. This is where the WEN 56206-Ton electric log splitter comes into play.


This product has captured the market by a storm due to the budget-friendly price and the fact you can safely use it. In addition, the log splitter does not dangerous carbon dioxide fumes as it does not require gas to run. The WEN 56206 is a far more eco-friendly option compared to traditional gas log splitters, and in comparison, it does not make a loud noise.

The product is perfect for people who need to split large pieces of logwood to put in their fireplace whenever they want. That is primarily because all you need to do is plug in the machine, put the log in and split any number of pieces you like.

Using Wen Electric Log Splitter

The WEN 56206 is a consumer-grade log splitter that is specifically designed for people who want to stockpile logs in preparation for winters or for camping. However, the machine is not designed for industrial or professional usage.

Along with being competitively priced, the machine is the best option for you if you are an occasional log splitter. Moreover, the machine is also fitted with two durable and non-skid and slip wheel that you can use to re-locate the machine wherever you want without hurting your back or putting in too much effort.


Here are some features regarding this efficient and reliable log splitter machine.

  • Portability - This is another reason why you should opt for the WEN 56206. The machine is fitted with two 6 inches rubber wheels that are non-skid and slip. This means you can easily transport the machine from one location to another. This feature can come in incredibly handy, especially when you have to cut a lot of wood for your camping trip and need to move around to different locations to find and split wood.
  • Powerful Log Cracking and Splitting Force - You will be surprised to know that the machine is designed to split and crack wood with a total of 12,000 pounds of sheer force. You can split wood and logs that have a 10-inch diameter and are up to 20.5 inches in totally length. The WEN 25206 log splitter is designed to split up to 6 tons of logs.
  • Fume-Free - This is also a wonderful reason why you should use a the WEN 6-ton log splitter. The fact that it produces zero emissions enables you to keep the environment clean and you will be able to use the machine indoors. All you need is an electrical outlet - switch on the machine and voila, let the log splitting begin.​
  • Safety Functionality - The WEN log splitter is specifically designed to be safely handled. For that very reason, the design requires both hands to be used. If you remove your hand from the operating position, the ramming wedge automatically retracts to its original starting position, which is what significantly drops the chances of debilitating bodily harm.
  • Ease of Maintenance - As it is an electric-powered machine, you don't need to worry about the maintenance costs associated with gas-powered log splitters. Gas log splitters require a lot of maintenance not to mention you need to re-fill the machine with gasoline once or twice, which can be an annoyance. Plus, there are so many components in a gas log splitter you need to maintain such as the oil filter, the crank, etc.
Splitting Logs With Wen Electric Log Splitter

Apart from that, the design of the machine is portable enough to be stored at the back of the trunk of a large vehicle like an SUV. This is in case you're going for a long camping trip and have a cabin in the

Moreover, the electric log splitter is fitted with a 2 horsepower motor with 15A power that rams the 4x4 inch hydraulic push plate into the innovatively designed splitting wedge, which is what gives both soft and hard logs and thick woods a beautifully easy and even split.

What Customers Say

The WEN 56206 6-ton log splitter enjoys a 5-star rating on Amazon as per 54% of buyers. A majority of these buyers are exceptionally impressed by how easily the machine handles and how easy it is to transport from one spot to another without having to put in a lot of effort.

The portability factor is fabulous and as per one buyer's review, they even took the machine along on their camping trip to split fire wood.

Moreover, one buyer was happy with the fact that it did not involve a lot of back-intensive effort to operate the machine. All you have to do is position the log correctly and the machine will do the rest of work.

Buying Advice

The product is priced under $260 on Amazon with free shipping. The product comes with a 2-year warranty.

Wen Lumberjack Electric Log Splitter


Overall, the electric log splitter is ideal for people who occasionally need to split and cut wood for stockpile purposes or for those who live in colder regions and frequently require wood for their fireplace.

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