Ultimate Log Splitters: A Guide to Buying Log Splitters in 2018

If you have ever worked with a traditional axe to split wood, you are probably aware of how time consuming and laborious the activity can be. Log splitters are ingenious tools that allow you to save precious time and physical exertion that is typically required for effectively cutting wood.

Depending on your personal preference, you can choose a manual, gas or electric splitter. Each kind has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Product Name




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WEN 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter Single Wen Lumberjack Electric Log Splitter Check Latest Prices
Champion Power Equipment Champion 22 Ton Performance Gas Powered Log Splitter Check Latest Prices
Powerhouse Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter Single Powerhouse Log Splitter Machine Check Latest Prices
Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe Single Fiskars X27 Axe Check Latest Prices

How Do Log Splitters Work?

Unlike using an axe, log splitters require minimal manpower to split wood. The device incorporates a wedge that is rammed against the log, splitting it in half. The force applied on the wood is measured in tons. Depending on the tonnage, logs can be split using greater force and speed. This device is not necessarily a replacement for chainsaws.

Man Cutting Woods With Log Splitter

However, using a chainsaw in addition to the log splitter will allow you to cut the wood into manageable pieces before it is inserted into the splitter. Splitters can also be used in conjunction to wood chippers. This adds convenience, allowing the user to chip wood at an alarmingly fast speed.

Types Of Log Splitters

To determine which model is better suited for you, it is essential you learn more about each kind. Here’s everything you need to know about the different types of log splitters.

Gas Log Splitters

Gas lot splitters are considered the most powerful of the lot and provide the most tons. While they are the most expensive options, gas powered splitters are the toughest and most powerful type and can be used for heavy-duty tasks.

Because of their large size, most models can feature wheels or can be towed with a trailer hitch. It makes transporting the machine safe and easy. When purchasing a gas-powered machine, you must also purchase appropriate kind of ventilation for proper usage. Gas log splitters create fumes, which need to be safely ventilated to avoid possible injury.

Electric Log Splitters

Electric log splitters are a more budget-friendly option compared to gas-powered models. However, they feature less splitting capacity and do not have as much power.

Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Log Splitter Review

Most electric models can be towed easily for convenient transportation however, you must ensure you have access to electric supply. Most models can run off 120-volt household current. However, because of its convenient size, electrical models can also be used in remote areas.

Manual Log Splitters

Manual log are the most inexpensive options but offer the least splitting capacity. These machines are typically powered using a 2 speed pump and are considered as a lightweight and portable option. This makes them the most transport-friendly option.

People who only plan on using the machine occasionally will be appreciate its affordability and ease of use. However, if you are looking for something more powerful, you will have to pay extra.

Important Factors To Consider Before Investing In A Log Splitter

Buying the right log splitter can be daunting task especially since there are so many different models in the market. Here are a couple of important factors you should consider:


It is essential you consider the power of the machine. Most log splitters in the market use hydraulics. However, the machine differs in terms of pressure. However, if you are not in search of a powerful machine, you should opt for a manual log splitter. If you frequently chop wood then you are better off in investing in a gas-powered log splitter.

Gas powered log splitters offer the most power but are also the heaviest of the lot, making them the most expensive option. This model is best suited for people who intend on splitting a large number of logs or if you plan on working with hard types of wood.

Wood Cutting With Log Splitter

However, on the downside, this type of machine can get loud and will require frequent oil changes to keep it running in order. On the bright side, you can take the machine practically anywhere you want so long as you have the right method to transport it.


As a general rule of thumb, the more powerful a machine is, the heavier it is. This makes such machines much harder to transport and move around. Therefore, it is best you consider how much you will be moving the splitter and the amount of power you will need.

Some log splitters in the market are the size of a broomstick. Such devices are easier to carry and transport from place to place.

You must also consider the size of the engine as it will also play a crucial role in determining the portability of the machine. Fortunately, both electric and gas models tend to have wheels so you can easily drag the unit by hand.

However, these models are not suitable if you intend on transporting the device over long distances and are suitable if you will be working in your backyard or garage.

Power Sources

The power source is probably the most important factor you need to consider while purchasing a log splitter. If you are not interested in a machine that is too powerful, consider investing in a manual option.

Man Using Boss Industrial Log Machine

Manual log splitters are among the most inexpensive in the market but are also the weakest of the lot. Not to mention, you will have to utilize your own strength to control the wedge. However, you can also opt for options that include manual hydraulics for added power.

What Else Should You Consider?

There are plenty of others factors you should consider. This includes:

  • Motor Quality: It is imperative you inspect the motor quality of the machine. Superior motor quality ensures the machine will work for several years without damage.
  • Availability of Replacement Parts: What will you do if you need to replace one of the parts of the machine? Will the manufacturer be ready to offer you replacement parts quickly without much hassle? Depending on how much you use the product, you do not want to delay your projects because you are waiting for new parts.
  • ​Warranty: How loyal is the manufacture to its customers? The log splitter should at least have a two-year warranty. The duration of the warranty says a lot about how much the brand believes in their product.
  • ​Engineering and Construction: Ensure the product has been manufactured using quality materials and superior construction. Additionally, the overall design of the product will play a crucial role in determining the durability of the product.
  • ​Overall Log Length: Some machines split logs in a vertical direction while others cut it up in a horizontal position. Opt for one that is most convenient for you. Most people find it easier to split logs.
  • ​Portability: It is best you opt for a log splitter that has wheels for easy transportation. Especially if you spend your winters in a cabin in the woods or frequently go on vacations.
  • ​Cycle Time: The cycle time is the amount of time needed for the machine to split the logs. After all, nobody likes waiting for long periods – you will be exhausted before you are done working. We recommend you opt for a product that has a 15 to 16 second range.
  • ​Remoteness of application: An electrical powered splitter will require a socket, which means you will not be able to use it anywhere that doesn’t have an electrical power source. Ensure you invest in log splitter that has been designed according to your convenience. A gas powered log splitter is ideal for people who like cordless functionality.
  • ​Remoteness of application: An electrical powered splitter will require a socket, which means you will not be able to use it anywhere that doesn’t have an electrical power source. Ensure you invest in log splitter that has been designed according to your convenience. A gas powered log splitter is ideal for people who like cordless functionality.
  • Design Enhancements: Invest in a machine that has added features that make using the device more convenient and fun. Functions like dual-loading capability and a metal fender makes a log splitter a best seller.

Factors To Consider While Purchasing Firewood

Length of the Firewood

Before investing in a log splitter, you must have a look at the firewood. Is all the firewood of the same length? If so, then you must have probably spent extra. Equal sized firewood is a little bit more expensive than regular wood in the market. This is because equal sized wood pieces are much easier to store and handle, making them more expensive.

Has the Wood been Split to a Smaller Size

How the wood has been cut also has an influence in its overall price. Wood that has been split to smaller pieces is typically more expensive because it takes more effort to have the pieces cut to a smaller size. Additionally, such pieces of woods are typically of better quality and are usually well seasoned.

Cutting Logs With Electric Log Splitter

How dry is the Wood?

Note that dried wood is typically more expensive when compared to fresh wood. This is because dried wood has lower moisture content. Not to mention, the process of drying wood is arduous and long, which is why it comes with a hefty price tag.

Wood Splitter Safety

Over the years, wood splitters have gained a lot of popularity because of their wide number of advantages. However, people are mainly concerned about how to use the machine safely. When you are dealing with a powerful cutting tool that operates between 10 to 25 tons of power, you obviously need to be very careful.

Unfortunately, not many people pay attention to the manufacturer’s safety requirements and instructions. Almost all products come with a safety warning. Rest assured, there is nothing wrong with the machine but it needs to be used by a trained adult.

As mentioned earlier, a log splitter is a risky machine to work with. Because of its risks, manufacturers offer log splitters that can be operated with both hands. Two-hand operation minimizes the risks of accidents as the person will need both hands to operate the machine, otherwise the log splitter won’t work.

Why Is Two-Hand Operation More Effective?

Two-hand operation is a much safer option. Single hand operation increases the risks of your free hand coming under the sharp blade or razor. Fortunately, the two-hand technique is designed to keep both your hands occupied while you are using the machine. This protects them from harm’s way.

Man Using Boss Industrial Electric Log Machine

Other Safety Measures You Need To Know About

For added safety, the machine needs to be used in a distraction free-area. Chopping may seem like a simple task but flying shards of wood and splinters can result in injuries so ensure that nobody is standing close by. If you are not too careful, wood can fly in any direction at an alarming speed. Take the amount of pressure into account.

As mentioned earlier, wood splitters are available in a variety of designs, so opt for a model that is most convenient for you to use.


Other Safety Measures

Other important safety measures include:

  • Keep pets, children and by standards at least 20 feet away from while you are operating the machine.
  • The instructional manual is your ultimate guide to using the machine properly. Ensure that you read it thoroughly. Also, do not disregard the safety instructions and concentrate on following the recommendations.
  • ​Wear comfortable clothes that aren’t too loose and baggy. Additionally, do not forget to wear safety goggles and glasses. Do not wear accessories and jewelry that might be caught in the machine. Consider wearing boots or comfortable shoes with non-skid soles. Never operate the machine while wearing sandals or when you are barefoot.

Our Top Recommendations

Want to invest in the best log splitters in the market? Here are a couple of our best picks:

Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter is among the best electric log splitters in the market. The device features an automatic ram that significantly improves the performance of the machine.

Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter

Best of all, unlike other brands, this log splitter reduces the amount of time needed to split logs and helps you get the task done quickly. This powerful machine allows you to cut wooden logs that are 20.5 inches long and 10.5 inches thick.



Some notable features of this electric log splitter include:

  • The machine features a powerful 2 HP electric motor
  • Robust industrial grade hydraulic system
  • ​Automatic ram return for improved performance
  • ​One handed operation so that you can conveniently load the machine
  • ​Superior 7 ton splitting force for fast log splitting action
  • ​2 year warranty that also includes the hydraulic system
  • Constructed using quality materials

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WEN 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

Are you in search of a convenient log splitter that you can use in the comfort of your own home? Perhaps you should invest in the WEN 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter. This machine is especially designed for people who live in colder regions and cannot split wood outdoors.

WEN 56206 Electric Log Splitter Review

This makes the log splitter a lifesaver for folks who want to stockpile logs for winters or for camping. The log splitter also features a non-skid pair of wheel so that you can conveniently transport that machine from place to place without worrying about backaches.



Here are some other notable features of the product:

  • Reliable 2 HP motor that utilizes household current.
  • Available at an amazing price and can be used throughout the year. Simply plug the machine and go
  • Requires the use of two hands for added safety
  • ​Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • ​Features two comfortable-to-use grip handles along with 6 inch tires
  • Features built-in guide, making it easy for newbie’s to split logs
  • Includes a 2-year warranty that makes the machine a keeper

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Champion Power Equipment

If you are in need of a powerful log splitter that can cut wood into thick, even pieces then perhaps, you should invest in the Champion Power Equipment. The log splitter uses a massive force of 22 tons. The machine weighs about 300 pounds and features 2 tires of effortless towing.

Champion Power Equipment Log Splitter

The large machine can split logs at almost half the time compared to other log splitters in the market. Additionally, unlike gas-powered models, this machine does not require a lot of maintenance and is comparatively easier to use.



  • Generates a powerful PSI of 3,500, which means you can conveniently split big and thick pieces of wood or logs
  • Features a two-way operation that allows you to use the machine both vertically and horizontally.
  • ​Ideal for people who wish to stockpile firewood for the winters or for camping trips. You can also cut firewood in a variety of different angles.
  • ​The log splitter features a powerful 196 cc motor engine with a cast iron sleeve. The machine is designed for heavy-duty log splitting. The machine has a gas capacity of 1 gallon.
  • The machine produces less amount of carbon dioxide and is certified low emission. This ensures that you are not damaging the environment. However, this machine is not suitable for indoor use.

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Powerhouse Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

With the Powerhouse Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter, you can conveniently split 100 logs in less than 60 minutes without worrying about headaches and backaches. The powerful tool is especially designed to eliminate injuries. The log splitters features two handle simultaneous operation for added safety. Not to mention, the machine automatically retracts when you move your hand away and place the next log.

Powerhouse Electric Log Splitter

The machine also features a hydraulic ram and additional safety controls, reducing the risks of dangerous injuries. Here are some other notable features of the electric log splitter.



  • Portable electric log splitter that is easy to transport from place to place
  • You need not worry about running out of gas
  • ​Impressive log cutting capacity of 12 inches in diameter and 20-1/2-inch in length
  • ​Powerful motor that works at an amazing speed
  • Favorite model for people around the globe
  • Received a majority of positive reviews
  • Weighs only 104 lbs, making it easier for people to transport the machine from place to place

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Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

Traditional axes can be difficult to carry and use especially if you want to chop large pieces of wood. Fortunately, there are plenty of modified axes in the market that are built to offer the user optimal comfort. If you are in search of such a product, consider investing in the Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe.

Fiskars X27 Axe

The axe is designed to offer maximum power and is best suited for tall users. The axe makes it simple for people to chop wood without worrying about arm strain.



Some notable features of the axe include:

  • Ideal for tall users who want to cut large-sized logs
  • Users can split wood in only one strike
  • ​The axe is designed to offer a perfect balance between weight and power. This makes using the axe similar to swinging baseball bat
  • ​Axe features convex blade geometry that allows users to conveniently glide the blade from the wood without any problems
  • Superior blade design for greater ease and comfort
  • ​Smart design that distributes majority of the weight on the axe head. This makes it easy for people to lift up the axe
  • Constructed using powerful materials
  • Lifetime warranty – yes you heard that right. This makes purchasing the axe risk-free

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Hopefully, this article has helped you learn everything you need to know about investing in the best log splitter. For more information, consider contacting a professional. If you still can’t figure out how to use the machine, contact a friend who may be able to help you out. Good luck!

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