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Types of Firewood for Splitting

Homeowners who own fireplaces for cooking, have traditionally ‘robust’ kitchens – they enjoy the smells and tastes that it produces and/or perhaps just the ambiance of it.  These folks are definitely very knowledgeable about the different types of firewoods that are great for fires, in addition to the different types of woods that are available generally. The reason you would want to get your hands on a specific type of wood, it could be that it results in less smoke; and more heat; and maybe for a unique smell or flavour (mmmm hickory smoked beef, apple-wood smoked porkkk 🙂 ).  We make special mention of which types of wood are the best firewood for splitting as well, as it makes a difference when you get out your log splitter or axe to prepare for the winter.

Some woods are easier than others to handle. Hardwoods, such as birch, hickory, hard maple, and oak are options for wood burning purposes, they are also fantastic for wooden stoves, in addition to fireplaces. These woods create high heat with little to no smoke. Pine wood is typically good for kindling, and when used along with hardwoods, which are best for regular and slow burn combustion, are the perfect combination for your home-fire needs. Here is a list of great firewood for splitting and burning:

different types of firewoods

  • Elm: is used for firewood, but is typically recommended only for more desirable options. Elm does not burn as easily or as well as other wood. It is also difficult to split.
  • Apple: In order to burn well, apple wood requires seasoning. It burns with a very sweet smell without sparking, which is why it is perfect for smoking light meats such as pork shoulder and bacon.  Fairly tough to split evenly.
  • Ash: Ash is considered one of the best firewood. It splits very easily, alongside with having low water content. It burns at a steady rate, which means that it is not too fast.  Hard to split.
  • Beech: Beech wood has a higher water content of about 90%, so this means it would burn well enough when seasoned. Not a good as Oak wood.  Easy to split
  • Birch: Birch wood is wonderful firewood and is able to burn unseasoned. But, it does burn quickly. A suggestion for this is to add a slow burning wood such as Elm or Oak.  Easy to split.
  • Cedar: Cedar is overall great firewood that burns glowing with a pleasing smell. It creates a lasting heat, and does not split too much. Smaller pieces of it can be burned unseasoned.
  • Hickory: Hickory is a legendary hard wood, famous for use in hammer handles.  Also fabulous for smoking dark meats because of the stronger taste produced.  Nice slow burn with a wonderful smell.  Difficult to split.
  • Hazel: This is known as wonderful firewood. It is allowed to season, and burns fast but without any splitting.

diy firewood holder

Every stack of firewood needs a firewood holder, or a ‘firewood for splitting’ rack -how organized do you want to be? These are needed to store and hold your firewood. It gives you easy access to wood whenever you want to start fire in your fire place area or kitchen stove.

It is best suggested that you keep these holders outside, possibly in a backyard close to your log splitter. If you plan to have it inside, there are wood holders designed to put alongside indoor fireplace. The many types of firewoods available make wood-cooking and warming during winter more convenient together with the right type of holder that goes with it.  Check out the firewood holders that we recommend at the following link.

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