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An Overview Of The Log Rack

What’s the log rack and which purpose does it serve? If you have ever tried putting freshly split wood logs into your fireplace, you should know that this is not the best firewood. Good firewood must be dry and clean, and therefore to get your fresh firewood dry, you need to store it for some time in a rack. It is only after it is dry that you can safely and comfortably use it in your fire pit.

How Do You Choose?

A log rack is sometimes known as a firewood holder, since it is basically used to hold the firewood in place as it dries off. So, how do you go about choosing the right type for your needs?

Log Rack storage

  • Indoor or external?

There’s no clear guideline as to the choice between an indoor log rack and an outdoor log rack, since more often than not, these two types play a complementary role. While slight differences occur as pertaining to things such as size, design and pattern, it is recommended that you have both types for your convenience.  External is perfect to set up in a covered space, close to your log splitter or axe and stump setup.

  • What size

The perfect size depends on the available space that you have. Naturally, external logs are bigger due to much space availability. However, for the indoor logs, you should choose a rack that can hold a considerable load of logs so that you won’t have to go out every now and then to fetch more to be used in the fire pit (remember its probably winter for you right now, right!!)

  • What style

Style does matter in that you want to create some form of continuity and uniformity in your home. Choose styles that complement the style and theme already in your home for an appealing aesthetic feel.

indoor log rack design

  • What material

The material of makes determines the type of rack that you want to have. Several types are wheeled and made of materials such as plastic, wood or steel. Bear in mind that different materials cost differently, and you have to choose according to your budget.

Overview of the Log Racks

After you have settled on the specific type that you want, you can now start storing and saving up wood for use during winter. Additionally, when you are out there camping, the log rack comes in handy as it allows you to store some firewood logs near your camping tent. For the external racks, it is important to have the log rack brackets for holding the rack with logs together as well as providing extra reinforcement.  Properly seasoned fire wood has about 20% moisture, which is ideal as it does not prevent the wood from burning as it should. The bracket also helps regulate moisture content at that level, because if it gets too low, it becomes undesirable as the wood burns too fast.

Lastly, as you store your fire wood on a log rack, place it in a perpendicular or parallel positions to allow for air circulation. Also ensure that it’s off the ground to prevent rotting.

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