Choosing A Firewood Rack

Whether you are out camping or in your home, the wood rack is very important. Also known as the fire wood rack, it is a specially build structure that’s used to hold firewood off the ground, and enable you to store a bulk load of firewood easily and conveniently in a limited space. Unlike a fireplace that’s only used in specific seasons when the weather is cold, the wood racks can be used all year round to store wood to be used later when need arises.

How Do You Choose the Right Wood Rack?

Before you can even purchase or construct a wood rack, the foremost thing that you need is to establish whether you want it to be indoor or outdoor. While indoor racks need to be so intricate, the outdoor ones must be strong and resistant to the elements. But overall, here are main factors to consider.

firewood Rack ideas for split logs

Firewood rack ideas for split logs

  • Desired size

The desired size is a very critical factor as it determines how much wood you can hold. Naturally, the indoor fireplace wood rack cannot be so big given the limitation of space in your living room.  However, it must be considerably big enough to hold enough firewood logs so that you don’t keep on going outside to get more firewood.

  • Material of make

Common materials that are used to make firewood racks include metal, acrylic and wood itself. The choice among these materials depends on a number of factors such as strength, durability and longevity, and where the rack is going to be used. Steel racks are the most enduring, but come at a cost.

  • Design

With everything nowadays being about décor, you would want a structure that’s in line with the existing interior and exterior décor of your home. Design is not just about shapes, but also about the colors, sizes and themes that complement existing ones around your home.

  • Your budget

Your budget is actually among the main determinants of the kind of wood rack that you are going to settle on. Keep your budget open so that you don’t compromise on quality or functionality as you seek to get the lowest priced item in the market.

Firewood rack indoor storage

Firewood rack indoor storage

Choosing Between Indoor or Outdoor Rack

After putting in place all the considerations, the choice boils down to just two options: the indoor or the outdoor firewood holder. So, how do you make a choice between these two options?

  • Outdoor racks are bigger than indoor ones, thus very ideal for holding a bulk load of wood. While the indoor one can barely hold 50 pieces of wood, the external one can hold up to ¾ cord of wood.
  • With the indoor firewood rack, its design is more elaborate and can be kept stylish and colorful easily. However, this may not be the case with the external one given the fact that it is exposed to the elements such as rain and heat. To protect the wood from getting wet or destroyed, the wood rack cover comes in handy.

Overall, choosing between the indoor or the external rack is hard and frustration. Instead, having both of them should be the case, as they play complementary roles. Just ensure that they are functional and serve their purpose.

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