Champion Power Equipment Log Splitter

Champion Power Equipment Log Splitter

When you talk about log splitter, you have to go with the most powerful one that is designed to evenly split thick and heavy log with precision and efficiency. This is where the Champion Power Equipment No.92221 gas-powered log splitter comes in.

The log splitter is designed for both personal and professional use. The log splitter produces a massive 22 tons of hydraulic force, splitting the log evenly and without any problems.

The machine weight 300 pounds and is designed to have two tires for effortless towing. It is indeed a big machine that can help you split logs in less than half the time it takes electric splitters to split thick logs and big pieces of wood.

The log splitter is designed to easily split logs that have an 8-inch diameter and are up to 12 inches in length. However, the gas-powered splitter is only meant for outdoor use because of the fumes it generates.

Champion Electric Log Splitter Machine

There is no question that it beats splitting wood using traditional methodologies and id made for safe use, which means you need to use both hand to operate the machinery.


Here are some amazing features of this log splitter.

  • Massive PSI - The machine is designed to generate a powerful PSI of 3,500, which means you don't have to worry splitting big and thick pieces of wood or logs efficiently and effectively. The splitter is ideal for people who want to split firewood or logs for a variety of reasons or if they want to stockpile the logs for future use. The machine is also great for people living in colder regions in the US and frequently need the wood for their fireplace.
  • Two-Way Operation - Another great thing about the log splitter is the fact you can use it both horizontally and vertically. This mean you can split the by placing it upright of the machine or laying it down for the hydraulic arm to split it. In addition, you can split logs that weight as much as 100 pounds. In additions to the two angles mentioned, you can also split the logs in a variety of different angles.
  • Powerful Motor - Gas-powered log splitters are always more powerful than their electric counter parts. The Champion Power Equipment 22 Ton log splitter is fitted with a 196 cc motor engine (OHV), which is enclosed in a cast iron sleeve. What this essentially does is effectively augment heavy-duty log splitting. The gasoline capacity of the machine is 1 gallon.
  • Reduced Emissions - Despite the machine being gas-powered, you will be surprised to learn that this particular product is certified low-emission producing log splitter. There are several renowned environmental agencies that have approved the product as low carbon dioxide producing log splitter. This means you don't have to worry about harming the environment. However, with that being said, it is still strongly recommended that you never use the machine indoors.
  • Cutting-Edge Mechanical Components - Another factor that helps the Champion Equipment No.92221 22 ton log splitter trump other gas-powered machine is the fact it is fitted with a powerful log stripper.

Moreover, the stripper is also fitted with tilted wedges, which is what allows for clean and jam-free log splitting. In addition, the machine is also designed to have a log-catcher at the back and in the front of the machine to ensure the logs are not damaged after they are split.

What Customers Say

The Champion Equipment No.92221 log splitter is a popular product in this category on Amazon. The product enjoys a 5-star rating given by 79% of the buyers. This is saying a lot about the effectiveness, ease of use and the quality of the machine.

As per one buyer, he was impressed by how easily and efficiently the machine split a 26-inch, fresh oak log like it was nothing. For a medium-sized machine, the power it generates to split heavy logs in incredible.

Champion Gas Powered Log Splitter

However, it does require approximately 10 gallons of hydraulic oil and once you start the machine and split wood, the cylinder can get really hot, which means you should be aware no to lean on it.

The assembly time is 1.5 hours, which isn't bad for a powerful machine, however, it is advised by many buyers that you ask someone to help you put it together.

According to other buyers, the engine is easy to start and generates nothing but sheer power to get job done effectively. The best part about the machine is the fact you can feed it any size of log and it will split it half.

Buying Advice

The average price of the Champion Equipment 22-ton log splitter is under $2000, and is available by a variety of seller on Amazon. Although the cost is a bit too high, the performance of the machine makes it worth it. The product also comes with a 1-year warranty.


There is no question that the 22-ton log splitter from Champion Equipment is ideally designed for both professionals and homeowners. However, it is popularly used by professionals who have to split a massive amount of wood on a daily basis.

Champion 22 Ton Performance Gas Powered Log Splitter

However, it is also used by homeowners who require a lot of firewood or split logs for different purposes.

The topnotch product also helps save a lot of fuel as it is designed to lean towards a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly method of splitting wood. If you want a log splitter for the long term, this is the product you should go for. There are absolutely no durability concerns with the machine, all you have to do is change the hydraulic oil after heavy usage and keep the filter clean.

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